​Are Elastica Recording a New Album?

​Are Elastica Recording a New Album?
Elastica burst through in the '90s, riding the Britpop wave for two albums before disbanding in 2001. Over the weekend, though, members of the group were spotted at the Abbey Road studios in London.
Mastering engineer Sean Magee revealed that he has "cut a record for Elastica," bearing witness to the bandmates' first time seeing each other in 20 years.

It's not entirely clear if the record in question is new material or remastered old stuff, but it's certainly an exciting prospect for fans, either way.
The band's last album arrived in 2001 with The Menace. In 2014, their self-titled 1995 debut was reissued for Record Store Day.
Frontwoman and co-founder Justine Frischmann wasn't present in any of the photos that have since emerged from the studio reunion. Following the demise of Elastica, she withdrew from the public eye, moved to San Francisco and has been pursuing a career as a painter — but the rest of the band were quick to shutdown rumours that she's not involved in the current work.

"Justine's involved in what's happening too, she's just not in the picture though," the band wrote under a Facebook photo shared on January 20. "Be patient a bit more till we break the official news, k?"

Below, you can see some photos of the members that did wind up getting captured on camera in the studio together, including Paul Jones, Justin Welch, Donna Matthews and Annie Holland.

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