Architecture In Helsinki "Heart It Races"

Architecture In Helsinki 'Heart It Races'
Architecture in Helsinki are an enchanting ensemble that have the ability to give me goosebumps with their eccentric little symphonies. If only I'd never seen them live...

On stage last year at the Horseshoe in Toronto, AIH failed to match their exquisite studio work with an experience that felt more like a bad high school band coming apart at the seams. They were grating, off-key and at some points, even had me questioning if they were, in fact, the actual people responsible for 2003's Fingers Crossed and 2005's successor, In Case We Die.

This comeback single on Polyvinyl gives me hope that the forthcoming Places Like This will have my skin reacting once again when it drops on August 7. The Afro rhythms demonstrate their fierce nature for exploring and attempting radical new sounds, no matter how out of character they seem. Steel drums bleed in, proving - along with the Knife - that modern day indie acts can rock such a narrow instrument with the best of them. The tribal tone stretches even into the background vocals, which present another side to their thrill-seeking kicks, as well as the fun-loving Crocodile Hunter-like promo video.

Methinks this will only make them stronger as a live act too, because to pull this off live, you gotta be damn good.
Architecture in Helsinkin "Heart It Races"