Archers of Loaf Wrap Up Reissue Campaign with 'All the Nations Airports' and 'White Trash Heroes'

BY Gregory AdamsPublished May 31, 2012

Merge Records had initially spaced out their Archers of Loaf reissues, with Icky Mettle arriving last summer and Vee Vee this past February. Shaking things up, the label will now deliver the latter half of the '90s slacker pop band's back catalogue as a one-two punch.

Revisited versions of 1996's All the Nations Airports and 1998's White Trash Heroes arrive as deluxe packages on August 7. Like the previous re-releases, each album was remastered by producer Bob Weston and features re-imagined artwork, liner notes, and B-sides and rarities galore. You can see the details on the 4-track-demo-laden bonus discs down below.

All the Nations Airports is described by Merge as an album that delivered "the straightforward indie rock songs that had made them famous," while also spiking the song list with some instrumentals and a solo piano song.

The outfit's swan song White Trash Heroes, meanwhile, flipped the script by adding keyboards and vocoder to several songs, featured the debut lead vocal performance from Matt Gentling on "I.N.S." and had the band swapping instruments for "Banging On a Dead Drum."

"In hindsight, it's easy to read White Trash Heroes as both the stormy end to a legendary band and as the beginning of something else: Bachmann's next project, Crooked Fingers," Josh Modell writes in the liner notes. "Hints of what came two years later abound here, particularly on the keyboard undercarriage and restrained energy of 'Dead Red Eyes' and the epic, sequencer-assisted title track."

All the Nations Airports:

1. Strangled by the Stereo Wire

2. All the Nations Airports

3. Scenic Pastures

4. Worst Defense

5. Attack of the Killer Bees

6. Rental Sting

7. Assassination on X-mas Eve

8. Chumming the Ocean

9. Vocal Shrapnel

10. Bones of Her Hands

11. Bumpo

12. Form and File

13. Acromegaly

14. Distance Comes in Droves

15. Bombs Away

Bonus Disc:

1. Density

2. Little Jets

3. Strangled by the Stereo Wire (4-Track Demo)

4. All the Nations Airports (4-Track Demo)

5. Scenic Pastures (4-Track Demo)

6. Trilogy (4-Track Demo)

7. Assassination on X-Mas Eve (4-Track Demo)

8. Chumming the Ocean (4-Track Demo)

9. Vocal Shrapnel (4-Track Demo)

10. Bones of Her Hands (4-Track Demo)

11. Bumpo (4-Track Demo)

12. Form and File (4-Track Demo)

13. Acromegaly (4-Track Demo)

14. Distance Comes in Droves (4-Track Demo)

15. Bombs Away (4-Track Demo)

16. Density (4-Track Demo)

17. Little Jets (4-Track Demo)

18. There Has To Be Something (4-Track Demo)

19. Total Failure (4-Track Demo)

White Trash Heroes:

1. Fashion Bleeds

2. Dead Red Eyes

3. I.N.S.

4. Perfect Time

5. Slick Tricks and Bright Lights

6. One Slight Wrong Move

7. Banging on a Dead Drum

8. Smokers in Love

9. After the Last Laugh

10. White Trash Heroes

Bonus Disc:

1. Jive Kata

2. Fashion Bleeds (4-Track Demo)

3. Dead Red Eyes (4-Track Demo)

4. Slick Tricks and Bright Lights (4-Track Demo)

5. One Slight Wrong Move (4-Track Demo)

6. Banging on a Dead Drum (4-Track Demo)

7. Smokers in Love (4-Track Demo)

8. After the Last Laugh (4-Track Demo)

9. White Trash Heroes (4-Track Demo)

10. Untitled and Forgotten (4-Track Demo)

11. Walk of Shame

12. Untitled

13. Whooh!

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