Archers of Loaf Reunite at North Carolina Show

Archers of Loaf Reunite at North Carolina Show
It's been a long time since Archers of Loaf graced stages. The sometimes slack, sometimes soaring indie rockers called it quits all the way back in 1998. Since then, singer Eric Bachmann has focused on follow-up project Crooked Fingers, as well as the occasional solo LP. However, last Saturday night (January 15) at a Love Language gig at the Cat's Cradle in Carrboro, NC, the long-gone '90s act surprised concertgoers with their first set in over a decade. And judging by some YouTube clips, they blew the roof off the joint.

The foursome pumped out a 12-song set featuring classics like "Web in Front," the first track off their debut disc Icky Mettle, and it looks like the crowd reacted nicely. YouTube user mumblepop's footage focuses mostly on the troupe, zooming in on Bachmann as he lays out some gruff yet melodic growls, but the occasional 360 pan across the room reveals a swarm of fans singing along to every word.

It hasn't been announced whether or not Archer of Loaf will go full-blown reunion act on us, but we're keeping our crooked fingers crossed.

You can check out the full set list below, as well as a live clip. More vids of the performance can be seen on YouTube here.

Thanks to Pitchfork for the tip.

Set list:

1. "Audiowhore"

2. "Harnessed in Slums"

3. "Revenge"

4. "Nostalgia"

5. "Lowest Part Is Free"

6. "Freezing Point"

7. "Greatest of All Time"

8. "You and Me"

9. "Might"

10. "Web in Front"

11. "Wrong"

12. "Slow Worm"