Aqua Alta "BTOcean"

Aqua Alta 'BTOcean'
Jenn Grant's band Aqua Alta with Graeme Campbell and Charles Austin have an album called Dreamsphere due out on March 3 through Star House Collective, and while we've already heard some of the songs thanks to pre-release EPs, we can now premiere the new cut "BTOcean."

The track begins with plinky electric guitar riffs, and the arrangement swells with Grant's angelic coos and an electronic arrangement of syncopated beats and synth ambience. Some keyboard stabs brighten up the soundscape as it builds in the second half. Scroll past Aqua Alta's tour schedule to listen.

The album is available to pre-order on vinyl on Bandcamp. It comes with 3D album artwork and accompanying 3D glasses.

Tour dates:

03/04 Toronto, ON - The Drake
03/05 Ottawa, ON - Zaphods
03/07 Charlottetown, PEI - Hunters Ale House
03/08 Halifax, NS - The Company House