Aphex Twin's 'Selected Ambient Works Volume II' to Get Vinyl Reissue

Aphex Twin's 'Selected Ambient Works Volume II' to Get Vinyl Reissue
Though Richard D. James clicked and cut his way into our hearts as the master of IDM, Aphex Twin has also proven himself as a top-tier ambient musician who made the most of Eno and Reich influences with 1994's seminal Selected Ambient Works Volume II (not to mention its preceding first volume). That's why we're happy to report that the triple LP will be getting a proper reissue later this year.

Originally released by Warp in 1994, the album hasn't existed on vinyl since its limited first run. Now, reissue house 1972 is planning a vinyl repress. No word on if the record has been remastered or any of the other add-ons that often accompany these reissues are included, but this album stands on its own regardless.

If you've never heard the record or it's been a while, here's a nice reminder from the press release:

Fans have been testifying on its behalf for nearly two decades, as if it were capable of curing ills or healing the soul. Its synthetic construction belies the intuitive, human, melancholic and uplifting nature of the music.

Selected Ambient Works Volume II will be available on March 6, with pre-orders shipping on February 27. The album can be purchased here.