A$AP Ant & A$AP Nast "The Way It Go" / "Trillmatic" (video)

A$AP Ant & A$AP Nast 'The Way It Go' / 'Trillmatic' (video)
While we generally focus on A$AP Mob members Rocky and Ferg, the Harlem rap crew shines the spotlight on lesser known members A$AP Ant and A$AP Nast in the new tag-team video for "The Way It Go"/"Trillmatic."

First up is the laconic synth-dripper "The Way It Go," which has Ant spitting caked-up verses about coke and "parking lot pimpin'" while either kicking it in the club or sitting on a dumpster with a bottle of Moet champagne in hand.

Next, we have Nast's "Trillmatic," which bounces along via a classic '90s East Coast boom. The back half of the A$AP Mob medley has the rapper bragging about how he's got a "funky funky style and a funky swag," and you can watch him prove just as much in the video down below.