Another Lewis Album Unearthed

BY Alex HudsonPublished Jan 8, 2015

Well, here it is folks: the fourth album from musical enigma Lewis has emerged. It's called Hawaiian Breeze, and it's available to purchase now.

We already knew this album existed, since the song "Falling Down" was unearthed a few months ago. Now, the entire seven-track collection can be purchased digitally from Fiasco Bros. Recording Studios (the same British Columbia facility that released Lewis' album Love Ain't No Mystery back in the summer).

While previous Lewis albums were stripped-down, this one is more ornately produced. The notes on Fiasco Bros. Recording Studios' website include credits for seven backing musicians (including trumpet, ukulele, drums and more).

For a taste of the more lush sound, hear the newly unveiled "Just Sittin' by the River Bank" at the bottom of this page. This tune places Lewis' fragile croon amidst a gauzy new age arrangement complete with nature sounds. The cut "Falling Down" is also below.

If you're suitably intrigued, the album is available to buy here.

Hawaiian Breeze:

1. Falling Down
2. I Was Not Shy
3. Just Sittin' by the River Bank
4. My Love Has Gone Away
5. World, You Hurt Me Deeply
6. Have You Ever Known Sorrow
7. Sweet Heart

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