Annie Doesn't Stop Finishing New Album, Delays It Till January

Annie Doesn't Stop Finishing New Album, Delays It Till January
The world has quietly been waiting for the Nordic princess of pop, Annie, to make her return after four years and it appears the world is gonna have to wait a little longer. According to an update on her MySpace blog, Annie has delayed the release of her second album, Don't Stop, till the new year.

The reason for the postponement Annie says is that her inner "Scandinavian perfectionist" has gotten the best of her. She's decided to add some songs that were "just too good too not be on the album," which were produced by Paul Epworth (Bloc Party, Sam Sparro). The album is now due for release in the UK on January 26, however, according to Island there is no confirmed North American release date as of yet.

In the meantime, Annie will release her Italo cover version of Stacey Q's "Two Hearts" as a single on October 27, which is reportedly not due to be included on Don't Stop.

Here's the grammatically butchered blog in full:

In Helsinki, sitting here listening to a remix Skatebård did of my track...Two of Hearts.....(Greeeeat remix....check out skatebaard,he..s an amazing producer)... I recorded a while ago in London.It..s actually a covertrack of Stacy Q,and american singer. I recorded the song same time as ..Songs reminds me of you......a song that will be on my album. I have some news... sooooo,lets do the bad news first. The album will not be out until beginning of next year.Well..I feel really bad about this,I know been waiting for this for long,and it was suppose to be out this month. Hm..what can I say,I..m a typical scandinavian perfectionist, and have had these other songs that I thought were just too good too not be on the album so I put my foot down and made my label put the record back to next year...I promise its going to be worth the wait! Its the prerogative of every woman to be late!'

So...I..m actually back in studio.Been working with Paul Epworth on a couple of songs,and I think it..s gonne be really good!!!!! So I..m working really really hard to make the best album there is.-)

Well,now some GOOD news.Did an Italo cover of ..Two of hearts..,it will be out on 12..and cd the 27th of October.But you can also go to my webpage and download it for free there....
Hope you..ll enjoy it!

Lately been in London,recorded some new songs with paul,and tomorrow I..ll be in studio in Helsinki, and do a new track.

Did a gig in helsinki yesterday,at a venue called Tavastia.Was really fun,even though I..d only slept 2hours the night before.But I think it was one of the best gigs ever done.

Now I..ll go to sleep,will get up early in the morning..studiomadness.
take care.....

sweet dreams...a

Annie "I Know UR Girlfriend Hates Me"