Annie "Tube Stops and Lonely Hearts" (video)

Annie 'Tube Stops and Lonely Hearts' (video)
It's been a few years since Norwegian electro pop singer Annie released her delayed 2009 album Don't Stop, and now she's followed it up with a new single called "Tube Stops and Lonely Hearts."

The single will officially drop on May 1 through Totally Records, but a music video has hit the web in advance of that date.

According to the description, this is "Annie's emotional tribute to the rave culture in the early ninties. The single is a danceable diary entry from a few amazing raves in London + an old industrial harbour venue in Bergen, Norway: the former sardine factory 'Verftet - and the giantesque garage 'Teatergarasjen.'"

The song is a simmering synth number with tuneful vocals and a breathy, half-spoken passage. The accompanying video, meanwhile, shows Annie singing in a hallway lined with red doors. Other shots show psychedelic swirls of colour and cyclists on stationary bikes.