Annie "Chewing Gum"

Annie 'Chewing Gum'
While mainstream pop music continues to tease us by moving forwards and backwards, as far as progression goes (the Backstreet Boys are on the comeback trail), every once in a while a gem slips through the cracks that assures the future will be bright. Of course, Annie isn't your typical American pop star, in fact, she isn't even from the US. She is a former indie rocker from the magical land of Norway, where the music is always special. Produced by bootleg extraordinaire Richard X (Sugababes, Kelis), "Chewing Gum" is a flashy, '80s electro-fied dance sensation, filled with third person verses and a slick chorus that endorses the fine art of chewing gum. Who needs Britney taunting you with sex when you can have this Nordic beauty sharing her Hubba Bubba with you? (