Angel Haze "Shut the Fuck Up" (Azealia Banks diss track)

Angel Haze 'Shut the Fuck Up' (Azealia Banks diss track)
Well, that was quick. Just hours after Azealia Banks responded to Angel Haze's diss track "On the Edge" with her own "No Problem," Haze has upped the ante with another number called "Shut the Fuck Up."

Earlier today (January 4), Haze threatened to whip out an unmastered track via GarageBand ASAP, and the rough quality of the diss track certainly proves it. It kicks off with a long rant from Haze about Banks being a "weak-ass, flop-ass, dusty-ass, dirty bunny-ass pussy bitch," and it just gets more venomous from there. The janky keyboard beat clinks in the background as Haze's white-noise-crackling verses have her claiming to rap circles around Banks.

"You get an unmastered diss... you aint worth my studio time." Haze tweeted. "Done. Last diss track you'll ever hear from me. Later. Back to living my great ass life."

Only time will tell if Banks keeps the beef sizzlin', or if the feud leaves her chewed out.

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