Angel Haze "On the Edge" (Azealia Banks diss track)

Angel Haze 'On the Edge' (Azealia Banks diss track)
Earlier today (January 3), some Twitter beef erupted between Angel Haze and Azealia Banks. It seemingly started when Haze was upset about a comment made by Banks that "if you were not born and raised in NY…. DON'T CLAIM NY. YOU ARE NOT A NEW YORKER." She then went off on a tirade, calling the "212" rapper names and threatening to shank her through her "iridescent bubble jacket." Just hours after the flame war began, the Detroit-born, Brooklyn-based Haze has now delivered the diss track "On the Edge."

Atop a blippy beat, Haze slyly threatens to kick Banks' lips in if she talks shit, details an attempted but ultimately aborted friendship between the two, and rips into Banks' oft-delayed output. "I think my album's done more than yours, and I just started a week ago," Haze quips.

Check it out below and potentially prepare yourself for Banks' rebuttal.

Update: Azealia resonded to the cut over twitter, writing "YOU WANT THE PUSSY SOOOO BADDDDDD @ANGELHAZE LOLOL..this diss track is not even hot!!! lmfaooooooooooo !!!!!!"

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