Angel Haze "Gossip Folks" (video)

Angel Haze 'Gossip Folks' (video)
Last week, Angel Haze delivered her breakthrough mixtape Classick Mixtape, which re-imagined hits from Eminem, Lauryn Hill, Jay-Z and more. A video has now surfaced for Haze's interpretation of Missy Elliott's 2002 pop-and-lock anthem "Gossip Folks."

The video finds Haze in a more playful mood than her shocking, sexual abuse-driven tale on "Cleaning Out My Closet," with the Detroit rapper starting a solo dance party from a rooftop while jumping into autobiographical verses about wanting to take over the game. "I'm over here looking like a bag of money, and you're over here looking like a bag of ventriloquist dummies," she quips in the finale. "I'm just trying to say that I'm the best bitch doing it."

You can peep Haze talking her best game in the video down below.

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