Angel Haze

"22 Jump Street" (ft. Ludacris)

BY Josiah HughesPublished Jun 3, 2014

Later this month, Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum will once again team up and bro down as a pair of undercover cops in 22 Jump Street. The film sees them posing as college students, so it only makes sense that the soundtrack's title song from Angel Haze is a hard-hitting EDM banger.

The track offers up all of the modern EDM signifiers, from blazing synths to cascading bass drops. Along the lines of classic action comedies, it also sees Angel Haze and Ludacris spitting verses that loosely explain the plot of the movie.

"The theme song was so rad to make," Haze told Vibe. "In the studio the energy of the movie fueled us to really create something special that matches the energy on screen."

Listen to "22 Jump Street" below. The film's official soundtrack hits iTunes on June 13.

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