American Hardcore Filmmakers Turn to Lost Rockers

<i>American Hardcore</i> Filmmakers Turn to <i>Lost Rockers</i>
A new film called Lost Rockers by American Hardcore filmmakers Steven Blush and Paul Rachman will take a closer look at those musicians unfortunate enough to have been overlooked by popular culture.

With the movie currently in production, the two filmmakers are using the Kickstarter service to fund the film. So far, the duo has 44 backers who have contributed just over $7,000 of their $15,000 goal, with 78 days left on the campaign. Although there's no word on what they will do if they don't meet that goal, the pair have already interviewed a handful of the "lost rockers."

According to a press release, "Lost Rockers reveals great musicians overlooked by pop culture. It offers insight into what it takes to 'make it,' and why so many of equal talent to famous stars fall through the cracks. The film tells the life stories of these forgotten artists - of different eras, genres, creeds and orientations - from their doomed paths to fame to their ultimate redemption. You'll experience amazing music you can't believe you never heard."

One of those musicians, Jake Holmes, wrote a song that Led Zeppelin made famous, "Dazed and Confused," and he offers his thoughts on success and why he never made it big in his musical pursuits while others did. Other little-known musicians that have already been interviewed for the film include Gloria Jones, who recorded the original version of "Tainted Love"; David Peel, who has recorded with Steve Wonder, the Plastic Ono Band, B.B. King and - get this - G.G. Allin; and Dr. Israel, an unheralded reggae/dub artist from New York.

You can view the trailer to Lost Rockers below and help fund the film here.

American Hardcore was featured at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival and saw theatrical release through Sony Pictures Classics.