Alva Noto Returns with 'Univrs' Album

Alva Noto Returns with 'Univrs' Album
Early last year, out-there electronic guru Carsten Nicolai dropped Xerrox Vol. 2, the stellar sequel to his Alva Noto album Xerrox. Now, he will once again use the Alva Noto moniker to revisit the themes explored with 2008's Unitxt with the release of Univrs.

According to a press release, "whereas the focus of Unitxt was on the processing of rhythmic patterns ('unit' = unit of measurement, element) and information ('txt' = data, language), with Univrs the focus is on the conceptual differentiation of a universal language ('universum/universal' = unity, entirety)."

The PR continues by explaining that the album will feature a visual side, created through "real-time manipulation of software-generated test images by audio signals." Those visuals will be available on a DVD that comes with a special edition of the album.

Univrs will be available on October 17 in the UK via Raster-Noton, the Nicolai's own label.


1. "uni c"

2. "uni fac"

3. "uni asymmetric tone"

4. "uni rec"

5. "uni dia"

6. "uni iso"

7. "uni mode"

8. "uni acronym" (featuring Anne-James Chaton)

9. "uni asymmetric noises"

10. "uni deform"

11. "uni asymmetric III-IIII"

12. "uni syc"

13. "uni asymmetric sweep"

14. "uni pro"