All of the Tragically Hip's Albums Are Now Charting in Canada

All of the Tragically Hip's Albums Are Now Charting in Canada
Photo: Kim Jay
While fans of the Tragically Hip had their eyes glued to TV and computer screens earlier this month for the band's nationally televised final show, they've since been getting their fix of Gord and co. through their speakers. New Nielsen stats reveal that all 17 of the iconic Canadian rock group's albums are currently in the Billboard Canadian Albums chart.

The latest chart info reveals that the Tragically Hip's two-disc Yer Favourites best-of from 2005 is currently the No. 1 album being bought and streamed in the country right now, having overtaken the Suicide Squad soundtrack. This is a 238 percent jump from sales of the collection the week before, and it's also the first time it's sat at the top of the charts.

Three proper Hip albums are also in the Top 10 right now, with this year's Man Machine Poem coming in at No. 6, 1992 classic Fully Completely hitting No. 8, and 1989 debut full-length Up to Here coming in at No. 9.

All told, every album, compilation or live release the Tragically Hip released, from their 1987 self-titled EP to Man Machine Poem, has been sold in droves since the final concert in Kingston. Sales of the band's catalogue have gone up 157 percent from the week prior, while digital song sales are up 342 percent, and streams are up 185 percent.

The spike in song streams and purchases has also brought individual Hip tracks up in the song charts. Five classic cuts are now in the Digital Songs chart's Top 20, with "Ahead by a Century," the last song they performed live, coming in highest at No. 6.

You'll find the video for the Trouble at the Henhouse standout down below.