Alex Cobb "Disporting with a Shadow" (video)

Alex Cobb 'Disporting with a Shadow' (video)
Cincinnati-based composer and Students of Decay founder, Alex Cobb has focused his "distillation of tone and atmosphere" into a new album entitled Chantepleure, due out on his own imprint on May 26. Recorded in the wake of heartbreak and, thus, appropriately named after an archaic verb that means to cry and sing simultaneously, the album is reportedly "his most optimistic and sanguine musical statement to date." In advance of its release, Exclaim! is proud to premiere the video for "Disporting with a Shadow."

The video by Paul Clipson layers elements of humanity and nature, like rolling waves over fingers, fire over a blinking eye, clouds and leafy trees over an oil pumpjack, and lights peeking through a chain link fence over the shadowy outline of a person looking contemplative near a body of water. These images blur and blend with each other dreamily, thoughtful glimpses of humanity grounded in the old concept of the four elements: fire, water, air, and wood. 

The video seems to reflect the feeling of emotional confusion and isolation heard in Cobb's instrumental, a swelling yet brief four-minute drone textured with fractures of heavily reverberated piano melody.