Alex Calder 'Strange Dreams' (album stream)

Alex Calder 'Strange Dreams' (album stream)
Former Makeout Videotape member Alex Calder released his debut EP Time last year. Today, he's surprised us with a follow-up LP called Strange Dreams.

The 11-song album features more of the swooning, dreamy indie-pop Calder explored on his debut, albeit with a broader sonic palette.

Briefly speaking with Exclaim!, Calder explained that he was tired of the songs collecting digital dust on his computer. "I'm between labels. It's been sitting on my hard-drive for a long time now," he said.

Those looking for a physical release should sit tight, as he says, "There are a few tape releases of it coming out, but really small runs."

For now, however, you can stream Strange Dreams in full below, or name your price to download it here.