The Album Leaf Unleash A Chorus of Storytellers on New Album

The Album Leaf Unleash <i>A Chorus of Storytellers</i> on New Album
Moody electronic unit the Album Leaf have, in their nearly 12 years as a band, always been based around ringleader Jimmy LaValle. From writing songs to playing every instrument on their albums, the San Diego resident has used the project as the creative outlet for his personal musical journey. With age, though, LaValle has reached out more and more to his band-mates, and now asked them to play on the latest Album Leaf record A Chorus of Storytellers, the group's first since 2006's Into the Blue.

Like previous releases, the band's upcoming full-length was recorded just outside of Seattle, then flown to Iceland to be mixed by Sigur Ros member Birgir Jón Birgisson. With the addition of the extra players, however, Sub Pop is already calling the album "their best record yet."

See for yourself, when A Chorus of Storytellers is released by the label on February 2.

A Chorus of Storytellers:

1. "Perro"
2. "Blank Pages"
3. "There Is a Wind"
4. "Within Dreams"
5. "Falling from the Sun"
6. "Stand Still"
7. "Summer Fog"
8. "Until the Last"
9. "We Are"
10. "Almost There"
11. "Tied Knots"