The Albertans Announce 'Dangerous Anything,' Share New Single

The Albertans Announce 'Dangerous Anything,' Share New Single
The past few years have been fruitful for fans of Vancouver-based indie rock outfit the Albertans. In 2011, there was New Age, and in 2012 came the three-song 7-inch The Hunter. This year, the band — who have also been based out of Brooklyn —will release their third full-length. Dangerous Anything is out on September 10 through Ernest Jenning Record Co., and the first single is available to stream now.

The new songs were written in a room as a group. A press release compares the results to MGMT, Can and Sparks. What's more, "Dangerous Anything is set entirely at night, touching on the ominous, the eerie, and the nocturnally ecstatic."

The tracklist is below. Scroll past that to hear "Casual Encounters," a cinematically dreamy pop tune that's given a dose of wonkiness by the not-quite-in-tune synths.

Of this song, singer Joel Bravo said in a statement, "It marks that point in the evening when you are dropped off on a corner expecting to meet a group of friends and they are not there. You look around and decide to go into a bar alone. But the bar is empty. A bartender walks out, you get drunk, you kiss, then you leave."

Prior to the album release, the single is available ahead of time on 7-inch via Kingfisher Bluez.

Dangerous Anything:

1. Casa Aqua
2. L-Friend
3. Begin the Beguin
4. Casual Encounters
5. Jason
6. Invisible Fortress
7. Waterbeds
8. The Late Late Show
9. Ohio Light and Fire
10. Black Moon