Alan Moore "The Decline of English Murder"

Alan Moore 'The Decline of English Murder'
Remember, remember the 5th of November not just because it's Guy Fawkes day in the UK, but because it's the day that legendary comic book scribe Alan Moore debuted a new tune called "The Decline of English Murder." The writer penned and half-sings the folky tune, while the music was performed by Joe Brown.

The song was launched today in support of the worldwide Occupy movement, which adopted the Guy Fawkes mask worn by the character V from Moore's '80s epic V is for Vendetta as a symbol of unity.

The track has Moore calling out wealthy bankers with lines like "Your average psychopath at least kills with a hammer or brick / And not with greed and incompetence / And after two or three years maybe they'll express remorse," atop a tune that initially plays on plucked acoustic guitars, but builds into a fuller soundscape of organs, drums and extra six-string fuzz.

You can buy the track for over here, which enters you in a draw to win a Guy Fawkes mask signed by Moore.