adam brian paul Gets Lost in Fantasy on "You And Me Both"

The track is from the Montreal dream popster's debut EP, 'wait, the path never ends?'
adam brian paul Gets Lost in Fantasy on 'You And Me Both'
Montreal has a long legacy of birthing woozy dream pop acts. The latest in the city's storied lineage is adam brian paul, a.k.a. Hong Kong-born, Vancouver-raised musician Brian Yim, whose debut EP, wait, the path never ends?, is due December 4. He's dropping a new single, "You and Me Both," tomorrow, but Exclaim! has the track and accompanying lyric video a day early.

Rooted in downtempo rock with daubs of soul, "You and Me Both" maintains a relaxed pace while covering a ton of ground in less than three minutes, from its lovelorn verses, catchy chorus and ripping guitar solo.

According to Yim in a statement, the song was written in March, a week into lockdown. The composition was born out of a desire to incorporate a 7#9 chord into a song, while the lyrics "kinda came out subconsciously as I was mumbling along," says Yim. The story is part-fantasy, part-truth — I was really feeling the isolation and wanted some company at the time."

As with the deceptively intricate arrangements and found sound samples wedged into the background, there are plenty of little details to dive into. Yim shares one: "What's key in this tune is that I sang at a higher key and pitch shifted my vocals down — probably not noticeable to anyone but it's not exactly how my voice sounds like, and that gives me peace."

Listen to "You and Me Both" below.