Adam & the Amethysts "Dreaming" (video) (NSFW)

Adam & the Amethysts 'Dreaming' (video) (NSFW)
Adam & the Amethysts release the project's new album Flickering Flashlight tomorrow (October 4) on Kelp Records. For today, though, you can take a look at the new video for "Dreaming."

The black and white video was directed and edited by Yuula Benivolski and has been deemed "NSFW-ish" thanks to the prominently featured skinnydippers.

The track was inspired by singer Adam Waito's trip back to his northern Ontario hometown Manitouwadge, which was apparently a "haunting experience." The mining town was built back in the '50s and its name means "cave of the great spirit." Waito has said that the song is about "how it's okay to be nostalgic sometimes, and mythologize your own past, remember things how you want to remember them."

Watch the video for "Dreaming" below, and download/stream the track in the SoundCloud player below.

Also, you can check out the full album stream of Flickering Flashlight and get the group's tour dates here.

ADAM & THE AMETHYSTS - Dreaming (NSFWish) from kelprecords on Vimeo.

ADAM & THE AMETHYSTS - Dreaming by kelprecords