Absolutely Free "Beneath the Air" on Exclaim! TV

Absolutely Free 'Beneath the Air' on Exclaim! TV
Self-described as a trio from "parts unknown," the mystery that Absolutely Free shrouds themselves in spreads far beyond their band name. The location where they craft their Krautrock-inspired sounds is something they wish to keep secret, but they were kind enough to pull back the curtain for a recent Exclaim! TV session.

The band graciously let our cameras inside the cozy confines of their top-secret practice room to capture a performance of the flighty "Beneath the Air," a track taken from their 2014 self-titled full-length.

Drummer Moshe Rozenberg wastes no time laying down basic quarter notes before launching into the song alongside Matt King's delicate electric lead guitar. While Mike Claxton provides support with subtle keyboard sounds and a synth bass line, King's gentle vocals rise and fall with the tune's winding melody, eventually bringing the piece to a close as synthesizers and guitars cascade over top of one another.

Watch the group's performance underneath the band's upcoming concert dates below.

04/08 Guelph, ON - eBar (Kazoo! Fest)
05/21 Halifax, NS - Menz and Mollyz (Obey Convention)
05/22 Quebec City, QC - La Pantoum with Cooridor
05/23 Hull, QC - Le Temporaire with WTCHS
06/07 Toronto, ON - Fort York (Field Trip)

Filmed by Roberto Granados-Ocon, Katherine Kwan & Riley Hunt
Audio by Nash Bussieres
Edited by Riley Hunt

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