A Three-Storey David Bowie Lightning Bolt Could Soon Be Coming to His Birthplace

A Three-Storey David Bowie Lightning Bolt Could Soon Be Coming to His Birthplace
David Bowie has been forever immortalized in everything from postage stamps to universe handbooks as of late, but a new proposal is looking to bring a more permanent memorial to the music icon's birthplace.

The proposed installation will see a three-dimensional, three-storey version of Bowie's iconic Aladdin Sane lightning bolt constructed in central Brixton, built from steel and painted red and blue. The site of the monument is steps away from an existing David Bowie mural painted by Jimmy Cochran in 2013.

Named the ZiggyZag, the structure was designed by artists This Ain't Rock'n' Roll, who consulted with Bowie's camp in London and New York in putting together the project. The artists also designed the Brixton Pound paper currency, which features Bowie on its B£10 note.

The memorial project is also set to receive funding from a Crowdfunder campaign, with a target goal set for £990,000. As of press time, the campaign has raised £17,379 ahead of its March 21 deadline.

"It's a monument that's at once baffling yet immediately familiar – a reminder that there's always another narrative," Charlie Waterhouse of This Ain't Rock'n' Roll said in statement. "Startling, stupid and utterly joyous in equal measure this is a piece of public art that the whole community can be proud of. It's totally Brixton, utterly Bowie. Where the Man Who Fell to Earth fell to earth, a heartfelt tribute, from one London character to another."

You can find more photos for the ZiggyZag and further information on the crowdfunding effort here.

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