555 "The Wyze"

555 'The Wyze'
Member of the Food Pyramid collective and Patreon hopeful, Chris Farstad is set to release his third album under the name 555 next month. Following hot on the heels of the Nine Gates tape released by Moon Glyph in May, Swan River Yogue is due out November 1 on Constellation Tatsu. Lucky for us, Exclaim.ca has been given a taste of what to expect via the new track "The Wyze," which you can hear below now.

The song starts off at a slow vibration, warbling its way up on a woozy melody laced with the kind of electronic imperfections that make vintage gear so full of character. Two minutes in, a dipping bassline enters, closely followed by a flourish of flute and playfully abstract synthesis. The flute dies out by the four-minute mark as the track simplifies, peeling away the layers to float to its fading conclusion.

It blends acoustic and electronic in a divinely casual manner, meditative yet psychedelic. It's new age for the now age.

Listen to it all for yourself below.