33.3 Music Compilation Extends Submission Deadline

Musicians have been invited to contribute to a new vinyl compilation
33.3 Music Compilation Extends Submission Deadline
It's no secret that the ongoing pandemic has been devastating to the music industry, but there have been several new initiatives designed to help artists out during these difficult times. One such initiative is 33.3, a pair of forthcoming compilation albums featuring artists from Ontario and British Columbia, respectively. Organizers have now announced that the submission deadline for the Ontario edition has been extended to January 31, while the new B.C. deadline has yet to be announced.

Each compilation will feature 33 songs hand-picked by a series of curators including Haviah Mighty, Jeremy DutcherWitch ProphetDave Bidini (Rheostatics), April Aliermo (Hooded FangPhèdre) and Jennifer Whalen (Baroness Von Sketch Show). Any artist whose song is selected for a compilation will receive $999, and additional proceeds from sales will be donated to organizations including DarkSpark and SoundON.

In a press release, 33.3 lead producer J. Joly said, "We've seen some amazing livestreams and cooperative efforts across the country to keep our beloved industry alive, and we wanted to help. Given our small team and resources at hand, we designed a music artifact that celebrates local artists and delivers joy to Canadians who want to give back and receive something special in return."

Artists must submit an original song; the songwriter and/or the majority of the group must live in Ontario or B.C., and the submitted song must be no longer than three minutes and 33 seconds. On the submission page, organizers have stated, "Our goal is to get you paid for what you do best and celebrate your music during this hardship."

Both the B.C. and Ontario compilations are already available for pre-order. Each of the triple-vinyl collections will be pressed once the compilation hits 1,333 pre-orders.

Said Joly about the vinyl production, "Through this project we're able to directly put money into artists pockets and the vinyl will be 100 percent Canadian-made — meaning we're able to put money back into our local music economy in a fully rounded way." Even the compilation's artwork will be sourced from visual artists and designers in Ontario and B.C. (The artwork featured in the above image is a placeholder.)

As for other regions, Joly told Exclaim! in a statement that he dreams of bringing 33.3 to other regions across Canada and the United States, saying, "We have had artists email us from Michigan, New York, California [and the] East Coast to see how we could do one in their region. We would love to make it a reality." He adds, "[We] are looking for ways to turn this into a subscription model where each volume of 33.3 focuses on regional music scenes curated by their cultural professionals — think a vinyl/sonic New Yorker delivered three times a year where fans can discover new regions of music through the eyes of their local creators from different creative sectors."

For now, learn more about the Ontario and British Columbia editions via the 33.3 website.