Tara Holloway

'Little Ghosts' (album stream)

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Feb 24, 2015

Ottawa-based songstress Tara Holloway is ready to release her sophomore LP Little Ghosts today (February 24), and to mark the occasion Exclaim! is streaming the new record in its entirety.
The musician has spent time living in Lake Louise, Toronto, Vancouver and Los Angeles, but she's back and settled in her hometown of Ottawa, presenting the opportunity for a newfound focus. Whereas her 2010 debut Sins to Confess was the culmination of songs written and recorded amidst a hectic touring life, Little Ghosts allowed her to hone her craft.
And it's obvious upon listening that her real talent and passion lies in vocal delivery. "I'm obsessed with singing," she said in a statement. "That's my favourite thing to do. I love songwriting and guitar playing, and I really enjoy being on stage, but it's the singing that got me into this."
It's a skill that shines on the latest album, proving that her voice is as — if not more — versatile, powerful and acrobatic as any other instrument.
Spanning genres like guitar-heavy rock'n'roll ("Red Light"), funky R&B ("Matter of Attack") and sweeping, cinematic ballads ("Hello to the End"), the album brings together an array of styles, all strung together by Holloway's unforgettable voice.
Little Ghosts officially arrives today via Light Organ Records. You can hear the diverse sonic offering below, right now.

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