Squirtgun Records Celebrates 20th Anniversary with 'Return of Our Stupid Noise' Comp

BY Alex HudsonPublished Mar 26, 2015

Squirtgun Records was initially founded in 1995, meaning that 2015 marks the label's 20th anniversary. To celebrate, it is releasing the compilation Return of Our Stupid Noise on May 5.

This is a follow-up to the '90s compilation More of Our Stupid Noise. It includes veteran Canadian acts like Brendan Canning (plus his band hHead), By Divine Right (along with a solo track from frontman José Contreras), Radioblaster, Scratching Post and Carole Pope, along with newer artists like Dany Laj & the Looks, the Skeletones Four and Ryan Masters.

A press release promises that this comp will pave the way for a "spate of recordings" from Squirtgun Records.

"The fight for rock has not yet been won," founder Lee Maslin said in a statement. "There are a ton of amazing records out there that people need to hear. Rock'n'Roll hasn't languished, it's gotten stronger and more interesting than ever. I'm thrilled to be working with our artists and doing what I can to promote this music. Rock is our national birthright!"

Squirtgun is distributed by eOne Music. The label will release an album from Dany Laj & the Looks on the same day as the compilation (May 5), followed by a self-titled EP from José Contreras on June 2. Albums from Ryan Masters and Gordon Shawcross are also forthcoming.

Return of Our Stupid Noise:

1. By Divine Right - "The Hill"
2. Dany Laj & the Looks - "Take It Away"
3. Moonsocket - "Hold Me Now"
4. Scratching Post - "Come Undone"
5. The Skeletones Four - "Bad Fortune Cookie"
6. Radioblaster - "Cabin Fever"
7. Bremen Town Players - "Out in the Wild"
8. Rag Maple - "Farewell My Wildwood Flower"
9. Public Animal - "Stained Glass Heart"
10. Brendan Canning - "Born from the Ashes"
11. Little You, Little Me - "Violent Dreams"
12. Ryan Masters - "The Seed"
13. Devin & the Dark Light - "Bungalow"
14. Weird Lines - "Malibu"
15. Cam Bull - "A Little Piece of Me"
16. Carole Pope - "Viral '01"
17. Gordon Shawcross - "Leonard Cohen"
18. Justin McDonald - "Letter Home"
19. hHead - "Fempire"
20. José Contreras - "Labyrinthinium"

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