Ryan Adams

'Burn in the Night' (7-inch stream)

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Jun 23, 2015

Prolific alt-country poster boy Ryan Adams has dropped another one of his 7-inch singles — this time delivering three new tracks, led by the A-side "Burn in the Night."
According to Adams, the trio of songs came "from the hot summer nights" at his PaxAm studios. "Burn in the Night" hears him reminiscing on a lost New York love and "how funny it is to get older and sort of put some of that behind you — but never really getting as far behind you as you'd like."
First B-side "Cop City," meanwhile, refers to LA and the last weekend of the month, "when all the police are out giving tickets and ALL I WANNA DO IS GET TO MY PINBALL SPOT."
Finally, "Look in the Mirror" closes out the set with punk-tinged fury courtesy of Adams on all-of-the-instruments duty. It sounds akin to his 1984 stuff, but was apparently "recorded too late" to be included on that offering.
The physical copies are already sold out, but you can stream the three new tracks in the player below.

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