Nervous Curtains


BY Sarah MurphyPublished Jun 30, 2015

Dallas-based unit Nervous Curtains are gearing up to release their third album Con this fall, but before it arrives, Exclaim! has got the premiere of the band's new single "Devastator."
Blending electronic noise with live drums and a punk rock energy, the three-piece deliver a unique, powerful sound. "Devastator" follows suit, offering up slow-burning synth lines that get punched up with ominous, thumping keyboards and an ever-present drumbeat.

The track features co-production and back-up vocals from Daron Beck of Pinkish Black — who, according a statement from the band, "played a big role in helping us structure the song and sculpt the dynamics."
Con is officially out on October 2. For now, though, listen to "Devastator" in the player below and keep scrolling for a look at the band's video teaser for the upcoming album.


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