Grace Vonderkuhn

"Nowhere to Go" (video)

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Jun 11, 2015

Grace Vonderkuhn is a lady of many talents. In addition to singing, she plays guitar, bass, keyboards and drums, and has spent years cutting her teeth fronting bands like Kind of Creatures and A New Dakota. But now, the Delaware-based musician is branching out on a solo career, and Exclaim! has got the video premiere for her one-woman jam "Nowhere to Go."
The track appears on her self-titled EP and showcases her unique blend of garage, glam, psych, punk and classic rock, with the video reflecting some of those psychedelic vibes as well. Filmed in an elevator at her practice space (without permission), there are some woozy effects added on top of the performance footage. Colourful lights and dizzying camera effects glow as Vonderkuhn plays every role in the Mike J. Edwards-directed clip.
"The idea is kind of a play on being in perpetual motion without actually getting anywhere," she said in a statement about the new video. "That happens to be a theme of the song. It could be a metaphor for life or the music business or it could be just a cool looking place to shoot a music video."
Follow her on what she calls a "heady kind of trip through a rock and roll purgatory of sorts" by watching the video for "Nowhere to Go" below.

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