Fresh Snow

"Don't Fuck a Gift Horse in the Mouth" (video) (NSFW)

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Oct 8, 2015

Being that Fresh Snow's "Don't Fuck a Gift Horse in the Mouth" clocks in just beneath the 11-minute mark, there's plenty of room to work with for a new short film behind the Won number. And yet, the chase scene narrative still feels claustrophobic. It may end up stressing you out, but you can give the artsy video a peep online.

As previously reported, the song itself is an epic piece featuring fuzzed-up guitars, streamlined beats and the shouts of Fucked Up's Damian Abraham. As the visuals unfurl, we see a young woman blasting through forest and beach scenes in an attempt to escape a cloaked, molasses-paced pursuer.

You'll discover the outcome down below. Take note, the visuals also offers up a bit of nudity, so you may want to consider this NSFW.

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