Babe Rainbow "Dub Music" (Performed by Yorkshire Fiddler) (video)

Babe Rainbow 'Dub Music' (Performed by Yorkshire Fiddler) (video)
We're still a couple of weeks away from the release of Babe Rainbow's debut LP, Falling Apart, but song covers from Cameron Reed's upcoming ambient set are already hitting YouTube. Well, technically the electronic artist paid for violinist Yorkshire Fiddler (a.k.a. James Taylor) to redo the album's "Dub Music," but the commissioned cover is welcome all the same.

A press release explains that Reed found the fiddler via service-seeking website Fiverr, and he paid the guy to deliver a lovely, five-part string arrangement based on Falling Apart opener "Dub Music." The slapback snares of the track's titular genre are here replaced with calming bow swipes. The video, meanwhile, shows Taylor putting together the arrangement one instrument at a time.

You'll see the chamber-styled redo down below, where you will also find the original version of the track courtesy of DIS Magazine.

Babe Rainbow's "Dub Music," meanwhile, arrives along with the rest of Falling Apart on July 7 through Kinky Beggar.