Downsview Park, Toronto ON, September 20

Photo: Rick Clifford

BY Branan RanjanathanPublished Sep 21, 2015

A tightly packed crowd eagerly awaited the beginning of Weezer's The Blue Album set before exploding into cheers and chants as the quartet took to the stage and played the opening riff of "My Name Is Jonas." As soon as the entire band dropped in, the crowd responded in turn, becoming a moshing, swaying chorus of voices singing along to every word.
The band, feeding off of the exuberant crowd, seemed to grow more and more active with their stage presence as they made their way through the set, with Rivers Cuomo perfectly executing each solo, headstock pointed skyward with Brian Bell and Scott Shriner. The choruses of every iconic song on the album were delivered with exceptional force by Weezer, the middle stretch of their set being the most notable overall, with "Buddy Holly," "Undone (The Sweater Song)" and "Say It Ain't So" getting the loudest sing-alongs from the audience. The uptempo bounce of "Surf Wax America" transitioning into its subdued verse at the end and exploding into the chorus one final time was particularly effective, and had eager fans crowd-surfing throughout.
Weezer finished the album's performance with a moving performance of "Only In Dreams," to which the audience responded with their lighters in the air, swaying to the climactic instrumental outro of the song. Following that, like the night before, Weezer concluded their set with a B-side and two hits, this time "Susanne" and Make Believe favourites "Perfect Situation" and "Beverly Hills" to wrap up yet another thoroughly engaging performance.

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