​Waxahatchee Defends Decision to Join Lena Dunham's "Lenny IRL" Tour

​Waxahatchee Defends Decision to Join Lena Dunham's 'Lenny IRL' Tour
Photo: Lindsay Duncan
Katie Crutchfield recently revealed plans for her next Waxahatchee album, Out in the Storm, and now a recent tour-related decision has caused a shitstorm of its own. Waxahatchee is on the bill for an upcoming string of live events in conjunction with Lenny Lena Dunham's feminist newsletter — along with other writers and performers like Sasheer Zamata, Chloe Caldwell, Jenny Zhang, Kaitlyn Greenidge, Morgan Murphy, Charla Lauriston, Rachel McKibbens and Jaqueline Novak.
As it seems to be with anything remotely associated to Dunham, the live jaunt called "Lenny: America IRL Tour" has received significant online backlash, with plenty of trolls leaping at the opportunity to condemn those participating in the upcoming events.
Crutchfield has since defended her decision to perform on the Lenny tour, citing both its fundraising efforts for LGBTQ communities and the other "amazing, brilliant, respected women" involved in the project as good enough reasons to justify it as "the right thing for me to do."
"I know that Lena is a lightning rod human," Crutchfield wrote in a Facebook post today (April 26). "I have so much respect for the work she does and so much empathy for the shit she gets. But I would like to just take the opportunity to point out that this stuff can exist on a gradient. I can feel a whole spectrum of things about a person or a tour and still decide that it's the right thing for me to do. I am choosing to do this tour because I feel like it's an opportunity to do some good in the bad, bad times."
Read her complete message below, and head over here to find full details about the upcoming "Lenny IRL" events across the United States.