Villagers "Hot Scary Summer"

Villagers 'Hot Scary Summer'
Crunching some numbers over here, it seems like Irish outfit Villagers new Darling Arithmetic album won't be hitting our ears for another month. The good news is that Conor O'Brien's folky project have unveiled a tune to help tide us over until April. You can stream the set's wistful "Hot Scary Summer" now.

The newly revealed single slowly unfolds via laid-back, lightly brushed beats, a thumbed acoustic melody and the ethereal hum of a church organ. A choir of seagulls shows up on the tune too.

Above it all, O'Brien paints a seasonal vignette highlighting time spent "kissing on the cobblestones in the heat of the night," a gang of homophobes looking for a fight, and a pair of half-human/half-monsters coping with the effects of a "hot scary summer."

Darling Arithmetic, Villagers' third full-length, arrives April 14 via Domino.