Various Six Degrees 100: A Six Degrees Collection

Ethno-ambient label Six Degrees celebrates its 100th release with yet another of their famous compilations featuring some of their best-known artists, including bossa nova chanteuse Bebel Gilberto (but do we really need to hear "So Nice” yet again?) and Indo-groove DJ Cheb I Sabbah (the now-classic "Kese Kese”). Nice turns from MIDIval PunditZ (the infectious "Bhangra Fever”) and Michael Franti and Spearhead (a remix of "Stay Human”), though Euphoria’s "Delirium” (otherwise known as that inescapable car commercial tune from a few years back; not to be mistaken with Delerium’s "Euphoria”) is still annoying. It’s often tempting to write off Six Degrees’ output as world music for hipsters, but when it comes down to it, better that the likes of Karsh Kale and Suba get played in coffeehouses and bookstores than yet another insipid chill-out compilation. (Six Degrees)