Various Lords of Svek: Star

Sweden's been producing some of the tightest techno and house for the past couple of years, and the Svek label are a big part of this feat. Svek is home to techno producers Adam Beyer, Carl Lekebusch, Jasper Dahlback and others. Lords of Svek is a nice house and techno compilation that hits all the right buttons. It's a variety of mid-tempo house beats with the perfectionist touch of techno. These Swedish beats are funky and clean, and the production is airtight — there is not one useless beat in the whole album. “TriniDub” by the Brommage Dub crew pairs tribal beats with a slow trumpet horn loop creating a real nice warm jazz sound with a pulsing beat. Joel Mull's “Close 2 You” is a wicked track bringing together soft organ riffs with a funky house breakbeat. The tracks just seem to meld into one another seamlessly. The one track that seems to stand out is “D-Weqst” by Adam Beyer. Adam Beyer's track begins with a pounding kick-drum and smooth melodic overtones are added onto it creating a completely chilled out techno vibe. His other track, “D-end,” has the same flow, but has a much harder techno drum loop. I think this album also says a lot about the depth and musical variety in techno and house. Most of these tracks won't be played in the techno or house scene any time soon, but it's probably too musically complex. Sveck on — This is definitely a coolin' album. (Svek)