Tiiu Shooting Stars, Blazing Hearts

Shooting Stars, Blazing Hearts is the third studio album from Toronto’s Tiiu. Boasting silky vocals and gentle percussion, the record settles itself within such a delicate environment that one false move or sharp turn could break its crystalline aura. Tiiu’s genuine emotions are what keep her glass-like country trinkets from cracking under the pressure of heartache and personal reflection. "Next To You” is one of the most enjoyable songs on the record, featuring finger snaps and hand claps that get the shoulders shimmying. "Kneeling For You” is a bare-bones kind of song, revealing the strength of Tiiu’s vocals as they soar above minimal instrumentals. Shooting Stars, Blazing Hearts lives up to its name, giving listeners all the same wish — a beautifully honest record to go along with their fiery passions. (Independent)