Thursday Kill The Houselights

In a land not too far away, in a time not too long ago, there was once a band named Thursday, and at one point they were truly a force to be reckoned with. With the power of Full Collapse and War All The Time, the rebel force was ready to take on the empire. It wasn’t until they thought they had reached auspicious heights and released A City Divided By Light that things began to go horribly wrong. Kill The Houselights is a compilation featuring some new tracks — "Ladies and Gentleman: My Brother, The Failure” and "Dead Songs” — that could have easily been omitted from Full Collapse, and are the most enjoyable part of this album. Other tracks are demo versions of songs that used to be meaningful at their time of conception. Let’s not forget the original intro cut of "How Long Is The Night,” which features a low budget-sounding keyboard and a soft drumbeat. Kill The House Lights is truly a waste of time, effort and money. The second disc is a DVD of live performances that bring back fond memories of Thursday’s great live presence, which made them a force of great stature. Yet at the same time, it’s annoying that those days will never be replicated, only imitated. (Victory)