Story Untold

"Delete" / "Drown in My Mind" (Acoustic) on No Future

BY Bradley Zorgdrager Published May 23, 2018

While Story Untold began as a solo act in 2009, they have expanded into a full band over the years — something they showed off during their recent No Future session for Exclaim! TV.

During the session, Janick Thibault and co. stripped down "Delete" from Story Untold's Waves, with Thibault just focusing on his vocals. The full-band took a step backward, however, when they broke into "Drown in My Mind," and Thibault once again picked up a guitar. 

Without missing a beat, figuratively and literally — the cajón rhythm keeps up with the album version's full kit — they played through "Drown in My Mind," with Thibault managing to weave his way through the intricate picking guitar lick.

As pop punk tends to, both songs leant themselves remarkably well to the acoustic transition, and you can check out the No Future session in the players below.

Story Untold will be on the last-ever travelling edition of the Vans Warped Tour after an appearance at Montebello Rockfest.

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