Sepalcure Return with 'Folding Time' LP

Sepalcure Return with 'Folding Time' LP
Having released their two-track Fight for Us EP late last year as Sepalcure, the duo of Braille (a.k.a. Praveen Sharma) and Machinedrum (a.k.a. Travis Stewart) said that a new full-length from their collaborative project would arrive this spring. As promised, the two have revealed their sophomore effort Folding Time.

Four and a half years removed from their acclaimed self-titled debut, Folding Time is made up of brand new material, in addition to ideas that were "worked on, forgotten, then revived" since the two began working together.

"It felt like we were connecting the present with the past," the duo said in a statement. "Going through each session was like digging through old memories."

Though their respective solo endeavours as Braille and Machinedrum are quite different, they say the record is essentially "two homies hanging out and having fun; a meeting of our minds," making use of everything from guitars to field recordings.

Folding Time will arrive through Hotflush Recordings on May 20. Look through the record's tracklist and revisit opener "Fight for Us" in the player below.

Folding Time:

1. Fight For Us
2. Not Gonna Make It
3. Devil Inside
4. No Honey
5. Been So True
6. Hearts In Danger
7. Loosen Up
8. Dub Of
9. Brother Forest
10. Hurts So Bad
11. Ask Me