Scott Walker's 'Bish Bosch' Turned into 'Ambisymphonic' Live Spectacle

Scott Walker's 'Bish Bosch' Turned into 'Ambisymphonic' Live Spectacle
Last year, Scott Walker blew minds with his dark, experimental new album Bish Bosch. Now, he's teamed up with a few mixed media artists in order to bring this material to the stage in an appropriately one-of-a-kind way.

Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard assisted in creating Bish Bosch: Ambisymphonic, a unique presentation of the album that will run at Vivid Sydney in Australia from May 24 to June 2. This show takes place at the Sydney Opera House and tickets are free, although there's a small transaction free required to book tickets.

An announcement from the festival describes the event like this:

Forsyth & Pollard have created an experience that is totally uncompromising and transcendent. The resulting piece presents Walker's world of unparalleled depth and originality, plunging the listener into near darkness and opening them up to an all-consuming sonic experience. Enlisting Arup to create a state-of-the-art, purpose built, geodesic dome of multidirectional speakers, programmed by Raj Patel and Terence Caulkins with Scott's long term co-producer Peter Walsh working to painstakingly ensure that Scott's original vision is preserved.

There's no word as to whether Bish Bosch: Ambisymphonic will come to other other cities, or if this is a one-time-only event. If you're going to be in Australia this spring, look into booking tickets here.