Pussycat Trash 1992-1995: The Brat Years

Pussycat Trash was a grrl punk band from the UK. If you like badly recorded CDs dominated by shouted vocals, a minimal amount of musical proficiency and the requisite feedback squealing out at the end of each tune, this is for you. A collection of every song recorded by this band, this compilation screams for some editing. The band is also proud of its riot grrrl lineage; the American-based female politico/musical organisation that inadvertently handed girl-power to 12-year-old girls the world over when the Spice Girls co-opted the message but not the medium. Perhaps the riot grrrl legacy will be a bunch of poorly recorded CDs qualified by the epitaph "they kicked ass live." From a country that gave us the Slits and Poly Styrene, the politics and the music of Pussycat Trash seem juvenile in comparison. (Troubleman)