Puscifer "V" Is For Viagra

The collected remixes of Maynard James Keenan’s original Puscifer release, "V” Is For Vagina, "V” Is For Viagra is a drastic improvement on what was originally a pretty rough idea. With no one to bounce thoughts off of, or tell him he was wanking, Vagina was little more than a drone of half-baked electronic conceptions. By allowing the likes of Danny Lohner (NIN), Joey Jordison (Slipknot), Aaron Turner (Isis) and more infiltrate his work and enhance/pull the stronger elements though, Keenan winds up with an effort that is exponentially better. Generally revolving around a mid-tempo, electronic atmosphere, the ambient lolling of "Sour Grapes,” "Country Boner” and so on feel far more complete than in their original incarnations. As a solo artist, Keenan isn’t quite the luminary many profess him to be. As a collaborator though, his concepts are ingenious. (Red)