Port Juvee

Gateway Restaurant & Bar, Calgary AB, February 28

Photo: Chris Gee

BY Anna AlgerPublished Feb 28, 2016

Port Juvee brought their high energy rock to the eager crowd. They're a tight group of musicians who solo playfully and are committed to bringing raucous, rhythmic joy, which is just what they achieved last night. Focusing on songs from their 2014 EP, Revenge, their lead singer Brett Sandford explained that they were "trying out new stuff" too
He sang in a laid-back style with a touch of attitude, striding around, mic stand in hand. The songs that comprised their set bled together into an upbeat epic, clear melodic guitar lines shining through the pounding rhythms. Their instrumentation is driving; the band are a true unit. A highlight was their second-last song, a triumphant performance featuring guitarist Lauchlin Toms' crisp melodies. No longer "wet behind the ears" as Sandford commented in regards to their last performance at the Gateway, Port Juvee are tightening up their sound.

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