Mogwai Robbed of Over $24,000 Worth of Gear

Mogwai Robbed of Over $24,000 Worth of Gear
Mogwai are one of the world's most respected post-rock bands, but even a group of their stature isn't impervious to the ever-present threat of thieves. Like so many bands before them, Mogwai recently had a number of their instruments stolen.

An article in the Evening Times reveals that the group discovered last Saturday (November 12) that some their gear was missing from their space in downtown Glasgow, Scotland. Around £15,000 (about $24,250) worth of equipment was jacked, including co-founder Stuart Braithwaite's vintage Gretsch Country Gentleman guitar. It was reportedly used to record albums like Happy Songs for Happy People and Mr. Beast, and is worth about £5,000 ($8,000).

According to a post on the band's Facebook page, the list of missing gear is as follows:

Marshall JCM800 Bass Series guitar head - serial no: 117401P

Orange Thunderverb 200 guitar head - serial no: 017241110

Orange ad200b Bass Head

Fender acoustic guitar

Orange OR120 - serial no: 997

Fender 72 Telecaster (black)

12 rack guitar stand (in black case)

Gretsch Country Gentlemen guitar (plum)

Mogwai have asked anyone with information about the theft to come forward. It seems unlikely that they will find the culprits in a city the size of Glasgow. But, hey, it's not unheard of for musicians to get their stolen gear back.